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Thoughts Like This Will Make You Become A Top Rated Freelancer

Freelancing is tough. We get it.

But that doesn’t mean you have to be tough on yourself.

So if you’re beating yourself up and questioning if you can really make it as a freelancer…

This might just very well be what you need to hear to kickstart your career.

We’ve all heard the old saying ‘Fake It Until You Make It’…

Really though…

You don’t have to fake it.

You just sometimes have to look at things from a new perspective. A new angle.

Let’s get to it:

1. I’m just as good as freelancers who have already succeeded

Doubting your own self-worth is a major roadblock to your success. While you want to get to a point where you have true confidence in yourself, reading inspiring stories of others isn’t a bad place to start. Whether your eyes are caught by a newspaper article about freelance success, you do some adept Googling or you have a friend who is a prolific freelancer, know that you are just as good as these individuals. You may need to build up your portfolio, but they were all in a similar position, meaning at a starting point, once too.

2. I know I’ll need to sacrifice to get started

Setting big goals for yourself is important. Even the smaller goals along the way help to boost your confidence and assist in reaching your larger goals. Know that you will likely need to sacrifice in order to reach your goals. You often have to invest some seemingly unpaid time into freelancing. For example, you don’t have a team of experts to advertise for you, and when clients are considering whether or not to use your services, you’ll want to offer complimentary consultations. While you’re likely hungry for a paycheck, remember that you are working toward earning one. The decision to become a freelancer means that you have to build your client base. Also, you’ll need to spend time figuring out what works for you in terms of scheduling and completing tasks. As you get more clients, more and more of your time will transform from ‘unpaid’ time to ‘paid’ time.

3. I know my time is valuable.

While you do have to put time and effort into advertising and interacting with potential clients, you also must know your worth. You should not let people take advantage of you when it comes to payments. Make sure that you have a focused and clear method for establishing payment terms and delivering invoices. You might think that simply emailing clients and telling them what they owe you will work. However, this isn’t always true. Ensure that payment terms are clear before the work begins. You may want to establish a contract as well. Also, conduct research in your industry to see what the going rates are as you don’t want to sell yourself short on the price.

4. I may have to offer some deals at first.

You don’t want to become known as a bargain freelancer. If you do, you may find it difficult to increase the prices for your services, and you might not make enough money. However, at the beginning, offering discounts and bargains can help you to gain a following. Of course, you don’t want to come across as dishonest about your prices either. One way to navigate this issue is to offer starting sales or limited-time pricing. In other words, you can make it clear that these prices are just for a designated period of time. You could also offer lower prices for new customers. With these strategies, you are enticing people to become customers, and you are making it clear that the prices will increase in the future.

5. I offer valuable advice.

Giving advice is often difficult in both professional and personal settings. Ultimately, human beings don’t always understand exactly what another is going through, thereby making the delivery of advice challenging. However, if you have confidence in your advice, your clients can then have that same confidence. What’s crucial to remember here is that clients are coming to you because they trust your guidance. Even when you’re new to the freelance world, they are putting faith in your past experience.

6. I have skills and experience already.

When you first enter into the freelancing world, reminding yourself of your skills is important. While it’s true that you don’t have experience in the freelancing environment yet, you are still a freelancer. Also, you are bringing your own skillset into the industry. In other words, you might not have experience working as a freelance, but you do have experience in the field. If you are a freelance writer, you have written before; if you are selling paintings online, you have painted before.

7. I will continue until I reach my goals.

You aren’t going to have a perfect work experience, regardless of what path you choose to follow. However, if you can keep telling yourself that you’ll continue on and if you believe in this advice, you are then on the road to success. In other words, you are going to encounter problems and obstacles. What’s important is that you craft a plan for tackling these issues and that you evaluate your plans for even more future success.

8. I always set goals that push me to achieve more.

Letting goals float around in your mind really isn’t the best approach to a successful freelance career. You must take these thoughts and put them into a tangible form. Whether you want to use an app to track your goals or you want to write them down in a notebook is a decision that’s based upon personal preference. It doesn’t matter where you put your goals as long as you have them in a place where you can access them. You should also make a list of steps that it will take to accomplish your goals. The most important step is getting to a point where you actually believe in your own goals.

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