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Build an Asset out of #YOU! Here’s Why Freelancing is Better Than Getting a Job

Whether you’re diving into the world of full-time work for the first time or you’re considering a career change, the thought of freelancing may have popped into your mind. Weighing the pros and cons is important, and once you start putting together that list, you’re sure to see more benefits on the freelancing side.

And that’s why you should start freelancing!

When you start freelancing…

You become your biggest asset!

And the more you learn, the more valuable you become.

Along the way you’ll learn how good you’re at stuff, and how the skills you already have can become profitable for you. You’ll also learn and pickup new valuable skills along the way.

The longer this continues…

The bigger and bigger your #YOU asset becomes. And that means you make more and more money from doing the exact same work.


Because you become a professional! And when you’re a freelance professional with a proven track record…

People are willing to pay you the big bucks!

But freelancing isn’t all about money. Here’s a few more reasons why you should ditch your job and venture into freelancing full-time:

Be Your Own Boss. Call Your Own Shots. Build your own job.

When you’re a self-employed freelancer, you don’t answer to no boss!

Now, obviously, you still have clients and have to be able to take some direction.

But figuring out how you want to approach problems, and planning your schedule is entirely and completely up to you!

As a freelancer you’ll never have to worry about that lame boss sneaking over your shoulder, jumping in, and ruining your best work.

Instead — you get control! You get to pick and choose clients as you wish. Sure, you’ll pick some clients that suck. But guess what?

All you have to do is finish that one contract and you get to say — PEACE OUT, see you later! 🙂

That’s the beauty of freelancing. You never get stuck in a position with a boss that ‘you have to deal with forever’. Nope, not at all.

You don’t like someone who you choose to work with?

Ditch them at anytime!

No harm, no foul!

Never Sit In A Lane Of Traffic Again

You might not hate your job, but you sure might hate the traffic or the long commute that you have each day.

And with freelancing…

You’ll never have to sit in a line of cars again.

I mean how many of us really have positive thoughts as we sit in a line of cars we don’t to be in. You can just see the grumpyness all around you!


That sure does sound like a recipe for a shitty time.

You might wonder why you’re sitting in a car for two hours a day only to go to a job that isn’t allowing you to use your talents.

But as a freelancer…

Setting up a home office or working primarily online allows your commute to be as short as the walk from your kitchen to your den. BONUS!

Actually See Your Family And Watch Them Grow A Little

Balancing your family and your job has likely caused some issues in the past.

So why start freelancing?

Chances are that you can have a better balance between your family and your job. For example, some freelancers choose to work from home at night. If your partner has a job during the day, you can start working shortly after this individual comes home and spend your daylight hours with the kids.


Also, you aren’t necessarily confined to working a set number of hours per day. If you want to work five hours per day to have more time with your family, you can arrange your schedule to do so.

Even if you do not currently have children, you might in the future.

And guess what?

When something comes up last minute…

As a freelance, you can be there!

You own your schedule! Your schedule will never again own you.

Or maybe you want to grow a little bit yourself.

Let’s say you want to return to school or enroll in college for the first time to pursue a degree. Freelancing provides you with the opportunity to pursue other goals in the future because you’ll have the time to do so. You aren’t simply building a job; you are building a life.

Make Big Money. Travel. Have Fun. Life life to the fullest.

When it comes to deciding what job you want to pursue, you absolutely need to take financial considerations into account.

As a side bonus…

When you become a freelancer you can say goodbye to commute costs. Yep, no more gas, and no more extra miles on the car! Nice little #bonus right?

Want another one?

Well, do you ever spend money on coffee, snacks, and meals out?

Say no more when you freelance! You’ll have a fully stocked Costco kitchen so you can be eating the good stuff for a discount price. That way, you’ll never have to pay for $5 coffees and $2.50 meal bars again. Unless, of course, you just feel like having someone else prepare you a drink of course.

See, that’s a lot of money saving right there. And we haven’t even talked about your freelance income yet.

With freelancing, you have total control over your income.

You control how many contracts and clients you take on. Plus, you control the rates you charge. That means, you can give yourself raises whenever it is you please!



Now, obviously, if you want to make $150/hour and you have no experience…

You better have a damn good sales pitch!

Control Every Single Second Of YOUR time. It is your time, right?

If you choose to be a freelancer, you also get WAY more control over your schedule.

You’ll have deadlines of course. But you choose when you want to work.

And if a deadline is too tight for you…. don’t take the job!

The choice is up to you!

You get to create a schedule that works for you. You can even change it as you see fit as well.

What’s important is to create a schedule for yourself. If you primarily want to work Mondays through Thursdays, for example, take some time each weekend to plan out when you are going to work in the upcoming week.

This strategy help you to feel confident that you’ll get the work done and allows you to have time for other pursuits to bolster your well-being.

Sooo why become a freelancer?

Isn’t it obvious now!?!?

You get to create a career that you love.

Many possibilities exist for freelance work, and you can finally put your passions to use instead of sitting behind a desk with orders being barked at you all day.

Furthermore, you can reap all of these other major benefits of working as a freelancer. Remember that when you work in the freelancing field, you aren’t just going to a job. You are building a business, you’re building an asset out of you, and you’re building a life that YOU actually control.

And what could be better than that?

So, hey, you like something you read here? You a little more excited about freelancing? Comment below and list one thing you’re going to do today to start your freelance career. Or, if you’re still a nay-sayer then give it to us! Let us know exactly why you don’t think you’ll succeed freelancing!

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