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Build Your Own Freelancing Business

Are you ready to fire your boss and start freelancing?

Are you sick of that daily commute to and from work, tired of dealing with annoying coworkers, and just plain fed up with a boss who is always lurking right over you shoulder as you work?

Then freelancing may just be the ‘career’ for you.

What workers of all ages are starting to realize is that there are better options out there. Those options include starting your own freelance business.

According to Fundera, almost 4 million Americans work from home for a large portion of their workweek. These days, more and more people are starting to realize that they don’t have to be a part of the “rat race”. When you start your own freelancing business, you too can chart your own path to professional and even personal success.

There’s A Better Way to Make a Living

What exactly is freelancing? It’s simply you offering a service or services to potential clients. These services can be anything from writing, web design and development to graphic design and consulting on such advanced topics as pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimization. Whatever skills you may have, you can probably offer them to clients when you start your freelance business.

You want to work from home right? When you start your own freelance business, you get to wake up when you want, you don’t have to wear work-appropriate pants, and you can catch up on your favorite tv shows between assignments.



Those who want a better quality of life should really consider working for themselves through their own freelancing business. It doesn’t cost a lot of money to create a quick website that you can update once you get a few clients.

Or, skip the website completely and join a freelance platform like Upwork.

With Upwork you can browse currently available jobs and place bids on gigs that look interesting to you.

No boss breathing down your neck. Plus you only take on work that looks appealing to you?

Now you’re starting to see why freelancers actually love what they do. And get paid a pretty penny for it too.

Besides your own website or Upwork — there are a ton of ways to grow your freelance business.

We’ll cover more here on this blog.

And really, with just a little sweat equity, you can have your freelance business up and running fast.

What sellable skills do you have?

There are people out there who need the services you can offer. So make a list of all the skills that you can offer potential clients. Are you a better-than-average writer? Do you have copywriting skills? Are you a search engine optimization pro? These skills can get you premium rates in the freelance market.

To browse through all the available ‘freelance job categories’ on Upwork. Click here. Or check out this image right here:

(there are tons more niches and jobs available as a freelancer – this is just a starting point to get you thinking about all the different options, and also get you thinking about which of your current skills match the currently available freelance jobs)

Using the skills you have will allow you to start your business quickly, and you can make even more money if you’re willing to learn some new skills. While you might write killer blog posts, you could potentially earn a lot more money by learning how to write sales copy. Or you could learn search engine optimization, pay-per-click, affiliate marketing, or any number of marketable knowledge bases.

FREELANCE PRO TIP: When you combine a few different skills and market it in the right way you can BOOST YOUR HOURLY RATES as you become a SUPER-PRO in your field!

Your Freelance Business Is Your #1 Growth Asset

Do everything you possibly can to overdeliver for your clients. If you do an excellent job for one client, that client will tell other people about your work. If you keep up the hard work, you may find that you don’t have to market yourself nearly as much. Clients will always pay premium rates for freelancers who deliver time and time again. Work hard to please your clients and you’ll soon be swimming in freelance work.

Plus, remember….

If you work on a freelance website that utilizes a review system — every review is worth big bucks for your future. Reviews are what potential clients want to see.

And the more reviews you get…

The more valuable your profile becomes.

And that profile will then turn into your #1 Growth Asset.

Building, and bringing you clients and freelance dollars today, tomorrow, and well in to the future.

Let’s Wrap This Up And, Guess What?

Deciding to start a freelance business is serious business. But it doesn’t mean it won’t be fun and rewarding. By utilizing your skills and resources and engaging in a bit of hustle, you can retire from the torturous commute, the horrid coworkers, and wave goodbye to that nighmare-ish boss.

Ready to start a freelance a business today?

Take a pledge and post up a comment that declares what type of freelance business you’re going to start. Or, give us all some motivation and describe the BOSS YOU NEVER WANT TO SEE AGAIN!

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