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7 Ways To Get Freelance Clients & Why You Only Need 1 To Succeed

Are you looking for a side job?

Maybe something you can do right from home?

Well then guess what?

Freelancing may just be your best bet.

Freelancing can be a fun way to work and make money.

Being a freelancer gives you freedom. You can choose your work hours and how much work you can handle per day. You won’t get this freedom in an ordinary workplace.

Ready to take control of your work life and start freelancing?

GREAT! So what’s first?

1. Find your first client

This can sound tough, especially when you officially have ZERO clients.


There are many ways you can get freelance clients.

To make the process a lot easier for you, we’ve compiled a short list of the best sites to land freelance clients.

And want something even more valuable?

Here is a 5-step formula to become a top paid freelancer:

  1. Pick a website from the list below
  2. Get setup
  3. Attract your first client
  4. Do the work and get paid
  5. Repeat what works, learn from what didn’t work!

By following these easy steps, you are sure to be making money in no time!

So don’t let freelancing scare you. Seriously, tons of people are making money today as freelancers.

Are you ready to become one of those people?

Are you ready to live the freelance life?

Are you ready to make money working from home, or from wherever in the world you please?

Try one of these sites below and start getting more freelance clients today. If you’re successful, you may consider trying another site from the list! BUT…


Make sure to follow that. As what you learn on one platform should be repeated so you get even more clients. That way, you solidify your learnings and you develop a system to acquire clients on demand.

That’s pure value. When you have that system. You may find you don’t even need to try any of the other sites. Or, if you want to grow your business even bigger then maybe you do check out another platform.

That choice will be up to you.

But please do remember…

Don’t overwhelm yourself – take only as much work as you can handle.

In the beginning, it can almost become addicting to see new clients come in and message you. So please do be careful, as for your long term success, you need to make sure your clients are happy. And that means you don’t want to overwhelm yourself.

So if you’re ready to start freelancing. Check out this list of places to land freelance clients quick. Pick one, and let your freelance dreams take flight:

  • Upwork

    With thousands of current freelancers and clients, Upwork opens a new can of opportunities. As a freelancer, you will be charged a service fee, but this is only a small percent of your income! Upwork works in a way that the more work you do, the less your fee is. You can also choose how much you would like to charge!

    You know the value of your work and shouldn’t take anything less for it! Working on Upwork is flexible with your schedule. Payments are given on a fixed or hourly basis. This system ensures that you will be getting paid for your work.

    Upwork makes it easy to get freelance clients. A few simple touches to your profile will ensure you can attract and land clients. You’ll want to check out our other posts which explain how to setup the most profitable upwork profiles. That way you can attract clients to you! And, you can land the clients you want.
  • Guru

    Employers from around the world gather on Guru to find freelancers such as yourself. There are over eight categories to freelance in. If you enjoy working for renowned businesses, Guru may be for you. Guru offers freelance services to large businesses and enterprises. This creates a wide range of opportunities to take advantage of!

    Many employers often keep their freelancers for long periods of time. If the client enjoys your work, you may be looking at a possible “employment” by the client. Customizing your profile with samples of your work can attract many more clients. The more client views your page has, the better chance you will have of finding work.

  • Freelancer

    With over twenty-five million users, Freelancer has one of the largest freelancing populations on the web. Freelancer is similar to Upwork in many ways. Freelancers can be paid on a fixed rate or hourly basis, however you are only able to submit a total of eight proposals per month. This number can be increased by upgrading to a paid account.

    The free account still has some benefits. On average, users with the free account make around $40,000 on an annual basis. This is slightly higher than some non-freelancers. Again, customizing your profile is key. The better your profile looks, the more potential clients you will attract.

  • Hubstaff

    Hubstaff is a newer freelancing platform as compared to the rest. It offers a professional profile layout with all your information on one page! Your profile will show things such as your hourly rate, skills, experience, and schedule. For a more personalized approach, you can even add a short “About Me” description.

    Finding a client is as easy as performing a quick search and clicking a few buttons. Simply type the keyword for your specific talent and hundreds of job listings will immediately show up. Once you find a client, you will be contacted with work information. Getting a gig on Hubstaff is as simple as making your profile, attracting a client, start work, and get paid!

  • ServiceScape

    Looking for a more specific job? ServiceScape supports editing, translating, and graphic design services. If any of these match your qualifications, you may want to continue reading. Your profile on ServiceScape is essentially your portfolio- you can submit photos, samples of your work, and information about yourself.

    Communication between a client and freelancer is made easy by sending a quick message or scheduling a conference call. This allows you to know each other on a more professional level and build trust that is needed in a freelancing gig. Clients on this site range from small startups to renowned companies in need of services.

    Finding a client is as efficient as finding a product online and purchasing it. The process is fairly quick and simple. After answering a few questions, you will be matched to a potential client who may be interested in your services.

    One unique feature of ServiceScape is that it supports fourteen languages. This makes it easier to find work in your native language!

  • Toptal

    In contrast with the other freelancing websites, the process to join Toptal is longer. Toptal makes sure that its freelancers are top notch by interviewing them. The process has been reported to taking a month, but the wait is worth it.

    Toptal offers top notch, well-paying gigs to its top notch freelancers! By passing the screening, you will be given access to projects by prestigious companies such as JPMorgan and Airbnb.

    In order to improve your reputation in the Toptal community, there is a tech blog with tips and advice. Following these tips and advice will attract more clients and have you making a lot of money in no time!

  • Craigslist

    You have probably heard about Craigslist at least one time in your life, lol. Although not specifically for finding freelancing gigs, Craigslist is used as a platform for finding jobs by thousands of individuals.

    Finding local freelancing jobs is made easier with local clients posting their needs. This can lead to a potential in-office job, or a work-at-home work if your client is further away. Craigslist makes it simple to get freelance clients.

    You won’t need to make a profile on Craigslist, but communication is key.

    Make sure to check out the gigs section as this is where most of the freelance opportunities are hiding.

So you’ve read the list and hopefully found one that fits you best. If you’re overwhelmed….

Just pick one!

Upwork can be great. They are huge and have A TON of jobs.

Guru can be a great practice ground.

And Toptal is solid — so get the process started.

So yes…

Choose one and make a profile.

With a few tricks, you should be able to find a client easy. And remember, if you don’t put your self out there, how in the world will you land clients?

All you need is one client and you can officially call yourself a freelancer.

And then it all builds and grows from there as you follow the five-step formula above.

Pretty soon…

You’ll be raising your rate, cutting the hours you work, and living the good life.

Speaking of the good life….

When you picture the good life in your head. What does it look like to you?

Post up your “good life” below so we can all get inspired by it!

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